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Road Ride

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Although not a trail, Nicolet Drive offers arguably
the best road ride in the Green Bay area.  Nicolet
Drive features a clean bike path, low traffic, great
views of the bay and exclusive waterfront
properties and miles of uninterrupted road.
Starting from Communiversity Park near the UW-
Green Bay Shorewood entrance and traveling
northeast, a rider can make a 12 mile loop with
no stops.  Nicolet Landing which is a small
historical site overlooking the bay, is located just
beyond 6 miles from Communiversity Park and
provides a good turnaround point. An alternate 20
mile loop can be made by continuing past Nicolet
Landing on Nicolet Drive, which turns into Sunset
Bluff Drive, all the way to Bayshore County Park. 
Parking is available at Communiversity Park or
just inside the Nicolet entrance to UW-Green Bay.