East River Trail - Brown County Wisconsin
Which East River Trail?  [Area Map]
There are several trails along the East River in the Green
Bay area. The longest and what is considered the “main”
trail runs from the corner of Mason and Hartung in Green
Bay (north end) to Ledgeview Park in Ledgeview (south
end) for a length of about 8 miles. Another trail section
runs from the north side of Mason St. just west of the
river to Baird St. and is about .8 miles long. There is also a
trail running from Boyd St. in Allouez to Cass St. in Green
Bay which is approximately .9 miles. 
Main Trail Section (approximately 8 miles) [Map]  [Photos]
This trail section is a pleasant winding trail closely
following the contours of the East River through the
communities of Green Bay, Bellevue, Allouez, De Pere and
Ledgeview. The initial section of the trail from Green Isle
Park in Allouez to Le Brun Streen in De Pere was
developed in 1990 with the generous financial support of
local businessman, Dick Resch.
A southern extension of about one mile into De Pere and Ledgeview was added in 2004. Two
additional extensions have been added since. A small trail section in Bellevue is routed
through village sidewalks in order to go around elevated train tracks. The total length of the trail
from the south end in Ledgeview to the north end in Green Bay is about 8 miles. From the
north trailhead you can cross over Mason St. heading north and connect with another trail
section on the west side of the East River which runs behind East High School and terminates
on Baird St.
Baird Street/Mason Street Section (approximately .8 miles) [Map] [Photos]
Starting from Baird Street near the East river in Green Bay and proceeding south, this trail
section passes behind East High School’s legendary City Stadium where the Packers played from
1925-1956. It then passes around Joannes Park and through Meyer Park terminating at Mason
St. Continuing across Mason St. heading east, you can connect with the main trail.
Cass Street/Boyd Street Section (approximately .9 miles) [Map]  [Photos]
Starting from Cass Street near the river in Green Bay heading south, this trail section follows
along the west side of the East River through large park areas to Boyd Street in Allouez.
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